Superior Bowladrome’s Youth Bowling Leagues
2018/2019 YBC Season Information

JOIN THE FUN! Bowl every Sat. on a team with kids your own age!
Registration Saturday, August, 25th from 11am to 2pm.
Bowl a FREEĀ GAME after registering on August 25th or
register at the counter at your convenience.
League starts Sat., Sept., 8 at times listed below, Registration continues.

One-time registration fee of $25 per bowler.
Bowling fees payable on a weekly basis.

Bowlasaurus3-41 Game$6.0012:30pm
Bowlasaurus4-52 Games$10.0012:30pm
Bantams6-103 Games$15.0012:30pm
Juniors11-143 Games$15.0011:00am
Seniors15-193 Games$15.0011:00am

* Ages at December 31st, 2018.

5-Pin Bowling is an affordable sports program!

Designed for children ages 3-19

Different age groups bowl at different time slots

Everyone plays, no experience needed, all equipment provided

Bowl on a team with kids your own age

Earn badges, trophies and awards

Participate in youth tournaments

Certified instructors on the lanes with all the children

Awards banquet for bowlers and parents in May

Classic Bowling Fun for Young People

If you and your friends are up for some friendly match, your best option is bowling. You will get the most fun out of the superior bowling experience offered in our centre. It’s good to start young when it comes to this sport. Learn a new skill and enjoy while you’re at it. Join our youth bowling program today.

Benefits of Joining

  1. You can learn about sportsmanship. How you react when you lose or win a game builds character. 
  2. It is good for your health. You should start taking care of your body early on.
  3. The goal with our youth bowling program is to teach you the value of teamwork. Knowing how to work well with others is a sign of maturity and growth. 

Guide to Bowling Terms

  • Delivering the ball

it simply means to throw the ball. Here’s how to do it. Step up to the bowling lane and put the ball in front of your face to aim (the arrows placed on the lane is a good tool for aiming). 

Make sure that your foot is not over the line on the floor. Take 3 steps forward by starting with your non-dominant foot. Simultaneously, swing your arm backwards, then forwards in a smooth arc. 

Your steps and the swinging of your arm should be in sync. Release and deliver the ball after the third step. Stepping over the foul line will count as a penalty.

  • Strike

It is knocking down all the pins with your first shot. Getting a strike will give you the possible highest score. Achieve consecutive strikes and you’re bound to win the game. With effort and lots of practice, you can accomplish this feat.

  • Spare

If you hadn’t knocked down all the pins on your first try, knocking the remaining pins with your second ball is called a spare.

  • Strikeout

On the 10th and final frame, you will have the chance to throw the ball thrice. When you throw three strikes in a row, this is known as a strikeout.

  • Gutters

These are the shallow ditches on each side of the bowling lane. Avoid the gutters at all costs. When delivering the ball, always aim for the center. It will help keep the ball on the lane.

  • Gutter Ball

This is when your bowling ball veers off the lane and falls into the gutter.

  • The Approach

This is the open space, before the lane, where a bowler delivers their ball.

  • The Lane

It is the surface where bowlers must roll their ball.

  • Split

A split happens when the pins you have knocked down are in the center. This results in a huge gap between the remaining pins making it hard to score a spare.

  • Turkey

When you score 3 strikes in a row at any point of the game, except for the 10th frame, this is called a turkey.